In Spain sold more bikes than cars

For the first time in history ( since sales began tracking the bike), Spaniards bought more bikes than cars. Last year, the country has sold 780,000 bicycles, against 700,000 vehicles.
In 2012, the number of bicycles sold increased by 4% compared with 2011. Last year, car sales in Spain fell by more than 30%.


Hurry to register your velosayt zone dotbike

Since all the popular names dot com is already taken, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names ICANN is developing a number of new domain zones.


Chariot changes name to Thule

Two well-known brand bicycle industry have joined forces. Chariot Carriers for more than 20 years has been one of the world's largest manufacturer of children's strollers, now the company is changing its name and continue to operate under the name of Thule.


Sigma has released the first bike computer with GPS module

The other day, a German manufacturer of bicycle electronics Sigma introduced its top model cycle computer for the first time in 2014, supplying it with GPS.


The power meter Stages now for the FSA and Shimano Ultegra

Just announced the completion of Stages range of power meters by 3 model. Submitted Stages power meters are specially made for widespread at the moment rods FSA and Shimano Ultegra. The company will complement the range of the power meter for Shimano Ultegra 6800, there are already models of measuring instruments for Shimano Dura-Ace 7900 and 105.


Lazer introduced a new road racing helmet Z1

This helmet on so much good that can become a new standard of safety from Lazer. Better protection from side impacts, excellent ventillyatsiya, more convenient set-up and less weight - these are the main differences between the new veloshlema velovystavke presented recently at Eurobike.


CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM received a gold medal Eurobike 2013

Developed in partnership with Benchmark Drives the technology successfully replace conventional circuit on bicycles and electric bicycles.