VANDEYK Nightstream - beautiful bike

Bicycles must be not only ergonomic, comfortable and safe, but beautiful. This company is absolutely convinced VANDEYK Contemporary Cycles, is going to release 25 collections of the most beautiful in the world of bikes. Moreover, the first one is out - is illuminated at night bikes VANDEYK Nightstream.Ochen beautiful bike VANDEYK Nightstream.


A popular helmet Catlike Whisper is updated

Catlike helmets company has always been easily recognizable in the pilatone, especially for model Whisper, which stands for "arming" command Cervelo and Movistar.


Stan's NoTubes rims new for 2013

Stan's NoTubes developed a unique technology for mounting tires on the rim without a camera. She was named BST (Bead Socket Technology). This technology is not the first driven around on the rims of ZTR and 2013 is no exception. All new rim line in 2013 will be made on the BST technology, plus the rim will be stiffer, lighter and stronger.


The official announcement of an SRAM XX1 * 11

SRAM has long been said that the summer will be a new group of top cross-country components, and so it happened: a star on the system, eleven on the tape.


Bosch Drive Unit 45 km

Following the successful sales of electronic transmission for electric bikes Bosch developed the electric bike with a top speed of movement of 45 km/h.


Lazer helmets aimed by LEDs and GoPro camera

The company produced a series of Lazer helmets in 2013 by making a few small but very nice additions.
Helium helmet highway gets back gauge, a small LED will be located in the occipital part.


Automatic transmission TranzX for electric bikes

JD Group began the tour to expand the dealer network in Germany to support the new seven-speed automatic transmission system TranzX PST which is called Automatic Gear Transmission (AGT).


DT Swiss Factory Tour

Apparently the name comes from DT Swiss German and English words Drahtwerke Tréfileries, which translated means "drag." Thus the full name can be translated as "drawing the product made in Switzerland." It's true, DT Swiss factory is now in Biel, is the largest bilingual city in Switzerland. It also is home to many of the best watchmakers in Switzerland - Rolex, Omega and Swatch. So when they say that the equipment works as a DT Swiss watch - this phrase is very close to reality.


Folding E-bike BMW i Pedelec

The last of the automakers BMW introduced its electric bikes. Maybe it was because the bike folded and neatly integrated into the electric vehicle concept.


How to lose weight cyclist

Cyclists with optimum weight faster and more technical. But what is the optimal weight for the rider and how to achieve it?

"Excess weight is the enemy of the cyclist," said Matt Fitzgerald, author of the article "Race for the masses" (VeloPress). Excess weight is spending more energy, slows down performance and affects the joints makes it difficult to work.

You can not change the basic physiology of such data as the length of the limbs, the potential for weight loss, but, says Fitzgerald, "You can reduce your weight to a level that is optimal for your body, taking into account genetic constraints." You can improve the ratio of the power of your body weight through exercise and proper nutrition.

Martyn Ashton on Mercedes-Benz office

Funny video about how car racer Martyn Ashton rides around the Mercedes-Benz office.


Bad Girl - new perfect urban bike by Cannondale

Who told that "risky guys" are just boys? American producer Cannondale amend this sex unfairness, bringing out a fantastic Urban Bike - Bad Girl. The appearing of this exemplar is anteceded by a series of unbelievable succeeder of Bad Boy, honored riders round the world.


Falling retail bicycle sales in the euro area

Retail sale of bicycles in the euro zone dropped significantly in April. Reported static control of the European Union Eurostat.

Compared with March sales fell by 1%. Economists had expected a decline in average only 0.1%.


BMW designer: thoughts about bikes

Direktor of BMW design department, Adrian van Hooydonk who has a staff of about 600 employees gave an interview to one of the leading Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad about the future of two-wheelers.
Car companies are showing growing interest in the two-wheeled means peredvizhdeniya. Moreover, this interest is expressed mainly in bicycle technology, but because automobile manufacturers, it is not usual, and bicycle - electric. A large number of electric bikes on the automotive giants - a weighty confirmation of this fact. The latest electric bikes has become a vivid example of Audi and Opel Corsa car with a mount for four bicycles.


The new bike: Trek Madone 7

In the race Critérium du Dauphiné team Radioshack-Nissan-Trek appeared on the new model road bikes Trek Madone 7. The model is equipped with the latest equipment Shimano Dura Ace 9000. Race Critérium du Dauphiné is a "preliminary stage" before the Tour de France team, and act in the same composition and on the same hardware on which they will go to great loop.


The European Commission is investigating imports of bicycles from China

The European Commission has announced the beginning of a new investigation of imports of bicycles from China, which is associated with an intermediate review of anti-dumping measures, at the end of April.


Shimano officially announced Dura-Ace Group 2013

Shimano officially unveiled a new group of top-end highway equipment Dura-Ace DA9000 DA9070. Refreshed, and mechanical and electronic band.
Says Eric Doyne, Shimano's PR manager in North America: "The company does a lot to maximize the options, mounting options and switch, we try to satisfy the needs of customers with any queries."


Shimano Alfine Di2 releases

Shimano Alfine Di2 is premium group in the equipment for city bikes and this time, Shimano has to make a leap forward in the process of further improving the switching speed. Now the cables were only on the mechanical disc brakes, though ... You can dream up for a long time is it? Perhaps in the near future, added another type: hydraulic, mechanical and electrical. And why not? Of course, there ceases to question the reliability and duration of battery life, .. But to solve these problems, companies have huge staffs of engineers.


Fox 2013 ICD: suspension with electronically controlled

This is a new trend, just as electronic switching speeds. Fox begins production of a new line of Float iCD, this company has teamed up with Shimano. The system allows you to control and modify the suspension on the fly, can be used as a hardtail and the dvuhpodvesah Treil or cross-kantriynoy orientation.

Ford enters the E-Bike market for its stunning concept

The growing concern of people about the state of the environment, the possible effects of global warming, forcing manufacturers will think about the environmentally friendly vehicles, which causes the competition in the electric bike market, which is growing every day.

September 19 this year, Ford has demonstrated his concept of the E-Bike at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is positioned as the future of their offspring in the market E-Bike. Ford's innovative concept is not presented as a commercial product, but given the fact that many of its competitors Ford has long been working in this market, production is likely to wait long. "E-Bike market is growing rapidly around the world last year, has sold nearly 30 million units," said Director of Customer Service Ford in Europe, Axel Wilke (Axel Wilke). "We have seen electric bikes as an important element of city vehicles. More and more people are using e-bikes for short commuter trips."