Fox 2013 ICD: suspension with electronically controlled

This is a new trend, just as electronic switching speeds. Fox begins production of a new line of Float iCD, this company has teamed up with Shimano. The system allows you to control and modify the suspension on the fly, can be used as a hardtail and the dvuhpodvesah Treil or cross-kantriynoy orientation.

Ford enters the E-Bike market for its stunning concept

The growing concern of people about the state of the environment, the possible effects of global warming, forcing manufacturers will think about the environmentally friendly vehicles, which causes the competition in the electric bike market, which is growing every day.

September 19 this year, Ford has demonstrated his concept of the E-Bike at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is positioned as the future of their offspring in the market E-Bike. Ford's innovative concept is not presented as a commercial product, but given the fact that many of its competitors Ford has long been working in this market, production is likely to wait long. "E-Bike market is growing rapidly around the world last year, has sold nearly 30 million units," said Director of Customer Service Ford in Europe, Axel Wilke (Axel Wilke). "We have seen electric bikes as an important element of city vehicles. More and more people are using e-bikes for short commuter trips."