In Spain sold more bikes than cars

For the first time in history ( since sales began tracking the bike), Spaniards bought more bikes than cars. Last year, the country has sold 780,000 bicycles, against 700,000 vehicles.
In 2012, the number of bicycles sold increased by 4% compared with 2011. Last year, car sales in Spain fell by more than 30%.

In connection with this trend actively supported «green» jobs as a great opportunity for the country to deal with unemployment, which is now above 25%.

According to a recent study, Spain could create about 60,000 jobs by 2020 are directly related to the development of cycling in the country: the construction of infrastructure in and around cities, as well as the development of the industry.

Spain followed the footsteps of Italy, where in 2011, it sold more bikes than cars for the first time since the Second World War.
Everything points to the fact that in Southern Europe cycling revolution is brewing.

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