Hurry to register your velosayt zone dotbike

Since all the popular names dot com is already taken, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names ICANN is developing a number of new domain zones.

The domain name in the zone dot.com is the last century.

For example, there are plans to create an area for the London business www.shop.london.

I'm sure many companies bicycle industry will want to have a domain name dotbike.

Road.bike and Mountain.bike already taken, but there is still a lot of interesting options.

New names are impossible to buy in the sale of new domain zone will appear in early 2014. But now you can book your desired option and, in fact, it puts you at the head of the queue when registration opens. So far there is no information about the price of the names.

Hurry to register your bikesite zone dotbike

Pre-registration area dotbike can be done with the help of service United Domains.

7752 version is already taken, including such obvious as www.road.bike and www.mountain.bike, there is even booked www.sextoy.bike.

United Domains website says «top-level domain name. Bike expand opportunities cycling community will rally and make them closer to each other. People around the world love to ride bikes».

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