CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM received a gold medal Eurobike 2013

Developed in partnership with Benchmark Drives the technology successfully replace conventional circuit on bicycles and electric bicycles.

The judges concurred: «The advantages of belt drive are fully utilized, while the previous deficiencies have been corrected – changed the shape and distribution of the belt teeth allow him to work under very mild tension without breaking through».

Innovative technology CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM offers numerous advantages over chains: belts run without oil, without tension, require no maintenance, do not get your hands dirty or jeans. Profile of the teeth of the system is different from the teeth of the other systems, even without the tension they do not slip in the teeth of the drive gear. Pedaling easier and bearings wear out longer.

Bicycle manufacturers can start placing orders now.

This year, 496 products from 30 countries competed in the velovystavke Eurobike for the gold award. Ten of them, including the CONTI® DRIVE, got her outstanding achievements in the field of design and innovation.

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